Microsoft Patch Advisory

December 14, 2010

eEye, a respected provider of security related software, made some tecommendations today regarding the updates released by Microsoft.

eEye says, “Administrators are advised to patch MS10-090 and MS10-091 immediately to prevent exploitation by attackers.

Next, administrators should patch MS10-092, MS10-093, MS10-094, MS10-095, MS10-096, MS10-097, MS10-098, MS10-099, MS10-100, MS10-101, MS10-102, MS10-103, MS10-104, and MS10-105 as soon as possible.

Lastly, administrators should patch MS10-106 at their earliest convenience.”

TrustCC recommends that patches be applied as soon as possible to all systems, not just those systems with sensitive information.  Any system on a network can be the weak link that leads to complete compromise.

Test updates, if possible, before applying them.  Seek vendor confirmation that software will be supported with the latest updates applied, and roll updates out slowly so you can minimize any unforeseen negative impact.


Of the 17 patches released today, 10 address remote exploits.  Failure to apply these patches as instructed above could have serious consequences.

– TrustCC


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