Wikileaks “Friends” Take Down MAJOR Financial Websites

December 9, 2010

As the Wikileaks drama plays out on the news networks, the security world is cringing at the implications.

First, there is nothing new about bot-nets.  But it is “new” for people around the world to voluntarily add their systems to the botnet army.  What makes these people think the botnet operator will return control of their systems when the Wiki response is complete?  These systems could remain under the command and control of the botnet until they are re-built from scratch.  And what havoc will be had in the mean time?  Will the Anonymous Group commit other illegal acts with these systems?

Second, I am unaware of a previous instance where attackers publicly solicited botnet participation using social networks.  This sets an interesting precedent.  What would happen if attackers could organize more and more participants in a voluntary botnet?

Last, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) is also not new but slinging DDOS as retribution for corporate policy changes is new.  Can other corporations that implement unpopular policies expect the same?  Apple doesn’t allow Adobe Flash on iPhones and iPads… watch out Apple!

Let’s keep watching this as it plays out.

– TrustCC



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