Trojan Targets US Banks

November 8, 2010

In the news today, experts announced that a rare Trojan by the name of Qakbot is making its way into financial institutions specifically in the U.S. Unlike typical types of malware, it has the ability to spread like a worm, but infect users like a Trojan. This particular Trojan targets corporate accounts, is able to filter data, and prefers shared networks so that it can contaminate every computer on the corporate network.

Freaked out yet?

While this particular Trojan made the news today, new malware is launched every day. Don’t wait for alarming headlines to take action.

During many of our IT audits and security assessments we find that while banks and credit unions make IT security top priority, we still find preventable vulnerabilities such as missing security patches and lack of security awareness training a common trend. Not only does this put confidential information at risk, it can potentially lead to  financial loss and a tarnished reputation for the institution.

Don’t let a simple oversight put your organization at risk. Take action today and contact us to schedule an IT audit or security assessment. Our business is your success.

– TrustCC


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