Don’t Get Tricked This Holiday Season

October 28, 2010

Halloween parties, Thanksgiving festivities, and holiday gatherings are just around the corner! Soon online invites, picture sharing, and shopping will spike as will the effort of cyber criminals to get your confidential information. Keep your organization and employees safe this holiday season by practicing and preaching the following steps to keep sensitive information safe and secure:

  • Never click links in emails unless the origin of the email is verifiable and trusted.
  • Never provide information when solicited (especially usernames, passwords, account information, etc.) Financial institutions and legitimate online stores and services don’t  ask you for this type of information via  email.
  • Inspect links to ensure they originate from reliable sources. Often, malicious  links will take you to a fraudulent site that looks legitimate.  Instead of clicking the link, go the company’s website directly or call the company to verify the email is authentic.
  • If you are ordering products online, make sure the website is secure. If the web server is secure, the web address will begin with https:// instead of http://.

If you have questions about email phishing or security awareness training,  fill out our contact form on our homepage  at http://www.trustcc.com.



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