Planning to Attend Defcon

July 28, 2009

Defcon is the annual ‘hackers conference’ held in the middle of summer in Las Vegas each year. This year marks the 17th annual conference and will be attended by 5,000 to 8,000 people. The conference is definitely for adults as speakers are commonly hammered and vocal with 4 letter words of all varieties. So while this “behavior” is endured, the disclosures and learnings are unique and highly valued.

This is not your “every day conference”. Every year major exploits are announced at Defcon, every year new hacking vectors are released and discussed, every year the “Wall of Shame” scrolls hundreds of IDs and Passwords from newbies whose laptop is hacked while attending Defcon. And as my last evidence that Defcon is atypical, below is a screen shot from a session offered on the first day of the conference.

Snapshot 2009-07-28 07-52-03
Why does TrustCC attend? First, the conference truly is unique. There are few other conferences where security “techniques” are discussed openly by some of the brightest minds in the security community. Each year new “hacking techniques” are revealed and knowledge of these techniques better positions TrustCC to assist clients. The conference is attended by “hackers”, governmental agencies, corporate security personnel and consultants from around the world.

Today’s post has a simple objective, to introduce readers to Defcon and to highlight a handful of sessions we will attend. The sessions we are currently planning to attend are:
– Introduction to Lock Picking
– Hacking the Apple TV
– Is your Iphone Pwned? Auditing, Attacking and Defending Mobile Devices
– Asymmetric Defense: How to Fight Off the NSA Red Team with Five People or Less
– Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser 2.0
– More Tricks for Defeating SSL
– The Year in Computer Crime Cases
– Advanced MySQL Exploitation
– Session Donation
– Three Point Oh by Johnny Long
– BitTorrent Hacks
– Something about Network Security by Dan Kaminski
– Breaking the “Unbreakable” Oracle with Metasploit
– Using Guided Missiles in Drive-Bys: Automatic browser fingerprinting and exploitation with Metasploit
– Identifying, Exploring, and Predicting Threats in the Russian Hacker Community
And more…

Stay tuned for more Defcon Posts!



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