A Technique for Unique Passwords on Every Web Site

March 12, 2009

Here’s a recommendation for password use on websites. For all websites that require a password, come up with a consistent technique that ensures your passwords are unique on each site. For example, your technique could involve the first five characters of the website company name, combined with routine character substitution and a 3 character PIN. Routine character substitution is the process of consistently substituting one character for another every time the character occurs. Let’s say I always substitute the number “3” every time a vowel occurs and the character “(” every time the letters “r”, “s”, or “t” occur. And let’s assume my PIN is 565. My password for amazon.com would then be 3m3z3565. The “3” was substituted for the vowels in “amazo” and the PIN was appended. Now for unitedairlines.com my password would be 3n3(3565. Again, “3” was substituted for vowels, “(” was substituted for the “t” and the PIN was appended. I admit that this technique will slow you down a bit, but when a hacker breaches a website and steals your password, they won’t be able to use that password to gain access anywhere else. And once you remember your routine character substitution scheme, passwords are relatively easy to remember.

– TrustCC


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